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Home Emergencies

Don’t Let Home Emergencies Haunt You After Leaving Your Seasonal Home

Reading Time: 3 minutes Many people own seasonal homes that they live hundreds or even thousands of miles from. Nothing is more stressful than a home emergency at your vacation house when you’re too far away to respond or solve the problem. In case…

House Sitting

Who Do You Trust With Your House Sitting?

Reading Time: 3 minutes In essence, your home is your pride and joy and your biggest investment to date. Should anything go wrong while a friend, neighbor, or unqualified house sitter is watching your home you will have no course of reprieve, and you’ll…

home repairs

Home Repairs: Don’t Let Repairs Wait Until You Come Back

Reading Time: 3 minutes The time has finally arrived! You’ve been waiting all month to enjoy to the comfort of your holiday home by the beach. You’ve packed all your belongings into the car, gathered the family and switched to relaxation mode. You open the…