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Seasonal Homes

The Dangers of Power Outages In Seasonal Homes

Reading Time: 3 minutes Power outages are a part of life for Floridians, especially during hurricane season. Storms often destroy power lines, which can cause city and county-wide blackouts and wreak havoc on vacant seasonal homes. If you live far away from your vacation or…

Seasonal Home

Lawn Care For Your Seasonal Home

Reading Time: 3 minutes Your lawn is a living, breathing organism and needs to be taken care of regularly. This includes regular watering, feeding, and pruning. It is, however, possible to over-care for your lawn, which may happen if you try to overcompensate for…

Regular AC Maintenance

The Importance Of Regular AC Maintenance In Your Seasonal Home

Reading Time: 3 minutes Having an efficiently running air conditioning unit in your seasonal home is not only important for comfort, but also for the interior of your home. In hot, humid environments like South Florida, poor air circulation can do more than make…