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Having a second home in South Florida isn’t all sandy beaches and sunshine. Sure, there’s tons of fun to be had and memories to be made, but homes that aren’t regularly lived in still require a lot of work when you’re away. After all, who’s going to maintain the lawn and exterior? How about taking care of the pool? Who’s going to get it ready in the event of a hurricane? And schedule routine HVAC maintenance checks? What about the fire and carbon monoxide detectors? You need to call a company experienced in Florida property management.

These are all just some of the basic, yet important things we do for our primary homes daily. Just because you don’t live in your vacation home year-round, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be giving it the same level of attention!

If while you’re gone, you

Home Maintenance

Nest Home Management understands many people simply do not want to worry about property maintenance when they’re in and out of South Florida throughout the stretch of the year. And who can blame them? Our highest priority is to relieve the hassle by assuming responsibility of home maintenance and to let clients enjoy their stay in the Sunshine State. These are a few out of many reasons why you need a home watch company to manage your property.

The following are just some of the home maintenance services that Nest Home Management provides:

  • AC filter replacement
  • Smoke detector battery
  • Window caulking
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Gutter and window cleaning
  • House and pool maintenance
  • Pest control
  • Hurricane prep

No matter your Florida property management needs, our team offers a service for everyone.

Home Watch Services

Not only do we offer several home maintenance services, but also reliable and trustworthy home watch services. This includes weekly house inspections to ensure that your seasonal home remains in good condition while you’re away.

Nest Home Management is a licensed and insured company that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Have a specific and/or personal request? Our team can handle it, no matter what day or time.

Additionally, our home watch service includes an interior and exterior inspection of your property. Proceeding a full inspection, you will receive an email updated regarding the status of your property. If we come across an issue, we’ll contact you immediately to help resolve the issue. This is especially important during Florida’s annual hurricane season.

To prepare your home to be unoccupied we: doing the following:

  • Turn off the water, water heater, and ice maker
  • Close shutters
  • Bring in patio furniture
  • Board up the property with hurricane shutters, if necessary

And don’t worry, by the time you get back, the Nest Home Management team will have it looking good as new, like it was never unoccupied in the first place!

The Importance of Home Watch Services

There are many benefits of hiring a Florida property management company, , primarily that they keep small problems from growing bigger.

1. Helps to avoid property damage

  • As a resident of Florida and homeowner, you understand the issues of leaks and water damage.
  • Working with a home watch service can help to avoid or mitigate property damage.

2. Decrease theft risk

  • Making an alliance with a Florida property management service can help to avoid theft risk and giving off the appearance of an unoccupied home.

3. Evades faulty electrical systems and defective appliances

  • Faulty and old wiring can result in fires
  • Have a home watch service regularly check-in on your home can reduce and/or prevent so many accidents.

4. Avoids pest invasion and infestation

  • Unwanted animals and/or bugs can start off as a small issue and turn into a big problem
  • If you’re gone longer than 30 days and these trespassers have sought refuge in your home, another issue could arise: breeding.

Home Repairs and Upgrades

Nest Home Management works with a trusted team of contractors and vendors that have successfully completed a multitude of projects ranging from bathroom remodels to entire home renovations.

We have contacts for:

  • General contractors
  • Architects and landscape architects
  • Electricians
  • Painters
  • Pest control
  • Pool service
  • Plumbers

With the help of Nest Home Management’s in-house staff, any home repairs and upgrades can get done!

Emergency Response and Hurricane Preparation

Last, but not least, hurricanes and severe weather; both things we’re all too privy to in South Florida. In case of emergencies, Nest Home Management offers their services 24/7

  • Provide alarm response
  • Flood response
  • Hurricane preparation

Florida Property Management Professionals in Boca Raton

Utilizing professional property management home watch services can ensure the safety of your home, while also providing you with a peace of mind and a beautiful place to vacation. To get in touch with a representative to learn more about how our Florida property management company can help you, call Nest Home Management today at (561) 705-4549.

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