Home Maintenance Tips To Do Before Leaving Your Winter Home

Home Maintenance Tips

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When it’s the exciting time of the year again to move back to your summer home, you would want to make sure your seasonal winter home is in the right condition to be left over the summer, right? We get it though. When you’re enjoying the last few days of the warm Florida sunshine, the last thing you want to do is fuss over home maintenance and scheduling appointments for repairmen and contractors. A home management company is going to be your best friend during this time, as we take the grunt work away from you and let you kick back and relax.

Below are the ten top tips that we work to, and which can help you, make sure all is prepared in your seasonal home for your long summer absence and ensure it is in pristine condition when you return. Bear in mind that these shouldn’t all be left to the last minute as they can take time – so start acting now.

1. Clean Your Kitchen And Empty The Trash

Nobody wants to arrive back at their home to find a horrible smell and an infestation of flies. We make sure to clean your kitchen thoroughly, as well as your oven and sink area to ensure no smells arise while you are away. It is also make sure to clean the drains with a good drain cleaner to ensure they stay smelling clean. Clearing out all trash will make sure it doesn’t attract flies and pests to your home.

2. Have Your HVAC Systems Inspected And Cleaned If Necessary

It is important to ensure that a reputable company to come inspect your home’s HVAC system and make sure it is in good condition. If your airflow is struggling or you find you’re using more electricity than normal to cool your home, we will make sure to get your ducts checked and have them cleaned while you are away if necessary.

3. Change Air Filters

Air filters are not something many people think of often. We will get them checked to see if they are dirty and replace them if necessary. This can help prevent any unnecessary dirt from coming into your house.

4. Get Your Electrical Panel Inspected

Another good idea is to have a reputable contractor come inspect your electrical panel and connections in your house. This will help ensure no electrical fires are started while you are away, as well as unnecessary blackouts due to faulty wiring.

5. Have Your Roof Inspected And Your Gutters Cleaned

Getting your roof inspected can help identify any areas of your roof that need to be repaired or replaced and could prevent unwanted damage if left alone. Make sure gutters are cleaned out so they are clear for any rain and don’t start smelling or breeding insects.

6. Have Dead Trees Or Overhangs Removed

Dead trees or overhangs could be a hazard if a storm had to go through the area. Any strong winds could break branches or push the dead trees over and damage your home. We will see to it that they are removed and that none could blow over.

7. Unplug Unnecessary Appliances

Check that all plugs which are not being used are switched off and any appliances that are not needed are unplugged. This can ensure that any power surges won’t damage the appliances and can even help you reduce your electrical bill!

8. Inspect Insulation And Exterior Doors And Windows

Inspecting your insulation can help your home not gain unnecessary heat over the summer and can help reduce the possibility of your cooling system overworking. A good home management company will make sure your exterior doors and windows also don’t have any leaks or holes in them where cold air can escape and the heat or humidity can come in. This can also help keep any unwanted pests out such as ants or flies.

9. Adjust Your Thermostats

It is important to never completely switch off your HVAC system as this will encourage the growth of harmful mold in your home. Since nobody is going to be living in your house, we can adjust your thermostat to be warm enough to be saving on your heating and electricity bill, yet cool enough to prevent mold from growing.

10. Water Your Plants

To help keep your plants flourishing, water them before you leave so they don’t dehydrate. You could also employ a reliable home management service to water them while you are away to keep them from dying, otherwise if you live in a rainy area, you might be safe leaving them as is.

We will start working on these tips a few weeks before you plan to depart, so that together we can make sure your home is protected an well cared for in your absence and ready as can be for your next visit! Make sure your seasonal home is kept maintained in order to prevent a last-minute rush before you leave by giving us a call at (561) 705-4549.

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