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Home Management Services

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Home management services for your seasonal home are not something that you should take lightly. Running a home can be difficult, and it’s even more difficult to manage two or more properties if you have a home you live in year-round as well as a holiday or vacation home elsewhere. Finding a company that handles everything from house sitting, maintenance, repairs, and even emergency services is one of the best choices you’ll ever make for your seasonal home.

What To Look For In A Home Management Company 

When it comes to your home, you can’t afford to be careless. It’s important that you find the right fit for your home to ensure that your property is kept safe while you’re not around. When it comes to your home – you should never settle for anything less than the best.

Are They Insured?

It’s great to have someone watch over your home, but will your insurance cover it if anything goes wrong? Utilizing the services of an insured home management company lessens the burden placed on you and whomever you’ve asked to watch your home. Make sure you ask any potential company about their insurance coverage.

Do They Have Experience?

You can find any company to manage your home, but without the proper experience, you’ll run into a few snags.

Using an experienced and well-established company means that not only are you able to check online for references, but you can actually trust the company to manage your home without disturbing you for the little things.

Find out if the company you’re looking into deals with disaster type situations if you’re not in the area. Florida may be The Sunshine State but it’s infamous for its yearly hurricane season. If the company doesn’t have a comprehensive plan or checklist in place to ensure that damage is kept to a minimum with basic disaster prep, you may want to keep looking.

Also, it’s important that you ask to see current client reviews about their experiences with the home management company. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to keeping your home safe.

Are They Well Connected? 

It seems silly to mention connections, but an experienced management company will have a proper network of reliable contractors as well as the relevant resources to hire them, at the ready.

This means that they should be able to resolve any maintenance issues your home has before you even get there. Without the right connections or resources, your household maintenance problems may drag on longer than you’re comfortable with and may even end up inconveniencing you. Having it resolved as soon as possible is one way to keep your seasonal home turn-key ready at a moment’s notice.

When it comes to major repairs you will be made aware before any work is done but you won’t be inconvenienced or called over minor details.

An Empty Nest Isn’t A Good Thing

Did you know that depending on your homeowners’ insurance policy, if your home is left unoccupied for a period of 30 days or more, your policy provider can deny any claims made? You may end up taking an unexpected and unwelcome financial hit. This means that if your house burns down one night and you hadn’t been at the property for 35 days – your insurance provider can deny your claims and you’ll need to pay for all of your losses.

No Empty Nests With Us

At Nest Home Management, you’ll never have to worry about leaving your seasonal home empty for prolonged periods of time. You also won’t need to worry about having strangers in your home. As a reliable and trustworthy home management company with more than 10 years of experience – you can rest assured that you can count on us for excellent service. We have a well-established network of reliable contractors; insurance and we offer invaluable home sitting services or weekly check-ins to ensure that your home is in tip-top condition and ready for you to use on your arrival.

For more information on our wide range of services, some of which are exclusive to Nest Home Management clientele, give us a call at (561) 705-4549!

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