Is Owning A Seasonal Home Worth It

Owning A Seasonal Home

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When you think about a seasonal home, it should be exactly that – a home-away-from-home… A place where you can walk in, kick off your shoes and relax. But maybe the thought of a seasonal home is more stressful than relaxing for you? Owning a seasonal home comes with some unique challenges and it is good to have a look at them before taking the plunge.

Concern # 1 – An Empty Home Invites Unwelcome Visitors

Even with a few lamps set on timers, it’s not hard for thieves and squatters to spot a home that is unoccupied for the summer. A burgled home or an uninvited tenant is the last thing you should have to worry about coming home to. Nest Home Management offer home watch services that will prevent any unwelcome visitors, protecting your property and keeping it safe in your absence.

Concern # 2 – Home Maintenance

Home maintenance is much like doing the laundry, a never-ending task. The year-round interior and exterior home maintenance offer is tailored to suit your needs. We offer a full range of services that covers everything from housekeeping to window washing, pool services to pest control, AC services to smoke detector battery replacement. We will keep your home sparkling from top to bottom. Prefer to do your own maintenance when you’re in town? No problem, our services are flexible and we will adapt to your preferences.

Concern # 3 – Repair Jobs

From the smallest leak to things that could cause major damage, Nest Home Management experts are trained to spot issues before they become full-blown problems. With access to the best contractors in town for any repair job your home might require, your home is in good hands. Our experts also know how to troubleshoot minor issues, which can prevent unnecessary call outs for contractors and save you from big expenses.

Concern # 4 – Hurricanes And Other Extreme Weather Conditions

We are here when you can’t be. With access to a full range of contractors and vendors, we will do full hurricane preparation, including closing all the shutters and bringing in furniture and any other loose items. We will send you storm updates from NHC. NOAA.GOV and communicate with you prior to, during and after the hurricane while ever there is service available. Once the hurricane has passed, we will inspect your property and facilitate clean up and repairs through dedicated vendors. We will open storm shutters and take out the furniture afterwards.

Concern # 5 Insurance – Why House Sitting Services Matter

Any claims made for a home that is left unoccupied for more than 30 days can be denied by the home owners insurance policy provider. Having someone regularly visit and check on the property can make a difference should you need to claim from insurance.

What About Fred Across The Street?

If you take the plunge and invest in a seasonal home, you could ask your buddy across the road to keep an eye on the place for you. What your buddy can’t offer you is a dedicated team with years of professional experience who are fully licensed and covered by insurance. Your buddy probably won’t do a full internal and external check weekly and email you a summary detailing exactly what’s happening in your home while you’re not there. You also might not feel comfortable to ask them to do all the small things that you’d like to see done – like watering your plants and changing your AC filters. When it comes to making sure your home is looked after while you’re not there, there is no job too big or too small for a proper management company like us.

What Do You Need To Set Your Heart At Ease?

As you consider investing in a seasonal home, we want you to know that it’s possible to have full peace of mind even while you are away from your home. Whether it’s your orchid that needs to be watered, or your mail that must be forwarded, the Nest Home Management team are able to take care of all of those small details for you.

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