Keep Your Home Safe With Hurricane Preparation

hurricane preparation

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Hurricanes are forces of nature that can’t be reckoned with. There is no way to stop or prevent a hurricane, but you can do your best to prepare your seasonal home for the upcoming storm. Hurricane preparation involves preparing your home to withstand as much of the devastating winds and rain as possible.

So, what is the best way to protect your home from a hurricane?

Garden Maintenance

It may seem silly to worry about maintaining your garden during hurricane and tropical storm season. But it’s hurricane preparation you may not have realized you needed. Trees and even heavier branches can cause significant damage to your property, as well to yourself. Regular tree maintenance, and trimming excess branches are essential in keeping your home safe during hurricane season.

Windows & Doors

Make sure that you have properly covered all windows and doors within your home. Glass is extremely vulnerable to breakage from debris. If the glass windows and even sliding doors around your home are not made with hurricane-tempered glass, you need to utilize whatever you can to cover those areas. Some homes are fitted with built-in hurricane shutters. If your home isn’t, you can utilize plywood and other wooden boards to secure your glass windows and doors. Keep in mind that if you don’t secure it, you risk exposing your home to the outside elements during a hurricane.

Make Your Home Water Resistant

There’s always a slight chance of water leaks from your doors and windows. Try to seal all crevices and potential leakage spots using caulk. It may not completely stop water from entering, especially if windows have been broken, but it can help prevent further damage.  Heavy flooding often follows in the wake of hurricanes.

Check Your Outdoor Goods

Any form of yard decoration, kid’s play area, furniture, or even equipment left in the yard can become a hazard. Bring inside as many of your loose outdoor items as possible. Leave nothing to chance. Also bring in the bulkier items such as gardening tools or even sporting equipment; tie them down as tightly as possible. An alternative option is to rent a storage unit to store the bulkier goods. Try to choose a location where the storm is not meant to hit. It is harder to do this kind of thing at the last possible minute. This is why it’s always important to be prepared for hurricane season.

Get Your Roof Tied Down

For those used to handling hurricane season, roof straps and clips have been a life saver. Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It provides protection and shelter to not only your household contents, but also to you. Gale force winds are known to blow away roofing, either partially or sometimes the entire roof. Having your home’s roof secured with straps and clips helps lessen the chance of major damage.

Homeowners Insurance

A good quality homeowner’s insurance is your best friend if you live in a hurricane-prone area. It’s not something you should overlook, even if it’s only a seasonal vacation home. Hurricane damage can lead to severe structural problems with your home, not just cosmetic damage.

How Do I Handle Hurricane Preparation If I’m Not There?

Many people have seasonal or vacation homes in South Florida.  For many homeowners utilizing the services of a seasonal home management company alleviates most of the stresses involved in hurricane preparation.

At Nest Home Management, we’ve got you covered. Enlisting our services entitles you to our emergency response & hurricane preparation services to help keep your home safe throughout the storm. To find out more about our service offerings, call us today at (561) 705-4549.

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