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A pool is a source of fun in the spring and summer, but when it’s not in use it’s important to keep it clean when you are at home or away. There are many factors to consider for keeping a pool swim-ready when you are away from your seasonal home and some of them easier than others!

Some factors to consider to keep your pool regularly maintained are:

The Longevity Of Your Pool

It’s important to keep your pool clean. This helps to increase the longevity of your pool and not cleaning it will decrease its lifespan.

Regular Maintenance

Regular pool maintenance to keep your pool clean is a big factor. If your pool is not kept clean it can become a breeding ground for all sorts, from algae to frogs.


Keeping a pool regularly maintained throughout the year can actually be cheaper than hiring a company to come and clean it for you when you would like to start swimming after the colder months. It can also help to decrease the probability that something terrible will happen, as you will check in on your pool more and be able to notice if problems are developing.

Damage To Pool Structures

It’s important to test your pool water regularly. If there is too little calcium in the water, it could be taken from the grout in your tiles. This is just one example of why it’s important to keep track of your pool as a pool that isn’t maintained may be expensive to fix but this can be easily fixed by continuous monitoring.

It’s pertinent to keep your pool clean, even when you’re not home. A dirty pool is not swim-ready and may be more expensive than it would’ve been if you cleaned your pool year-round! And keeping your pool clean while you are away can be achieved with very little effort on your part.

Some tools that are useful for your pool:

A Pool Cover

It may seem like a very trivial thing to have but a pool cover is very important. Even though there are many different pool cover types, they provide some security when there are children and animals around, and it also helps with your pool maintenance throughout the year. A cover can protect your pool from the falling debris, such as leaves and twigs that fall year-round. Ultimately, it allows you to clean the pool less.

A Pool Pump And Filter

A pool pump helps to keep the water in your pool circulating and the filter helps to separate out the dirt from the pool water. Most people think it’s best to buy a larger pool pump, however, this can lead to higher operating costs associated with running the system. A good rule to follow is choosing a system that can circulate the water of the pool within eight hours.

Even though all these techniques can help you to keep your pool clean and help to protect it when not in use, it’s important to keep your pool swim-ready throughout the year. Keeping your pool swim-ready can help to increase the life of your pool and maybe cheaper in the long run.

Nest Home Management provides home care solutions and services for seasonal home owners. We are available 24/7 and assist from the mundane tasks such as house plant watering to home repairs and upgrades. Our home management services are available year-round and we are fully licensed and insured in the case of emergencies. We offer assistance when you leave your home and when you are around! We can help you keep your pool clean year-round and make it as easy for you as possible.

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