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Did you know that if a home is left unoccupied or unattended for more than 30 days, and a problem occurs that requires an insurance pay-out, some insurance companies may refuse to honor the claim? If you have a luxury home that is unoccupied most of the time, or you reside on the property but are too busy to attend to the daily maintenance that the property needs, you need to consider hiring a luxury property management service.

What You Should Expect From Luxury Property Management Services

Luxury property management companies pride themselves on customizing their services to meet the customer’s needs.

Here are a few services that any reputable company should be able to provide:

  • They should be able to provide a complete service whether the property is occupied at the time or not.

  • They should thoroughly inspect the whole property, according to the contract agreement they have with the client, either weekly or bi-weekly and provide a full, detailed report in writing after every inspection.

  • They should have a basic knowledge of in-house maintenance, but also know when they need to call specialist contractors. If they have fostered good relationships with professional contractors, they will be in a position to get problems attended to and resolved quickly.

  • They should be able to cope with any emergency e.g. fire or natural disaster and have a comprehensive hurricane preparedness plan.

  • In the event of a hurricane, they should conduct a thorough post-hurricane inspection and clean-up operation and communicate all the necessary details to the client.

When the property is not occupied, they should provide essential services including:

  • Collect and forward any mail
  • Water any house plants
  • Change the air conditioner filters when necessary
  • Maintain the swimming pool

If the house is unoccupied, they should get the house ready for the owner’s arrival by:

  • Turning on the water and the water heater
  • Opening the shutters
  • Taking out the patio furniture
  • Connecting the car and golf carts to the chargers

How To Identify Quality Luxury Property Management Services

When you leave your luxury home in the hands of a property management service, you are entitled to have certain, non-negotiable expectations. Some of these include:

Customer Focused Service

The most important deciding factor must be how they treat their customers. Before you consider hiring a luxury home management company, you must do your homework.

  • Take note of previous customer reviews
  • Check their online rankings
  • If they come recommended by word-of-mouth, they are usually worth considering

Licensed & Insured

Any reputable luxury home management company will be licensed and insured in the State of Florida.

Proactive Rather Than Reactive

A good property management service will anticipate and try to prevent problems, not just be instrumental in solving them.

They need to:

  • Do regular inspections of the property, inside and outside.
  • Provide regular and accurate maintenance, cleaning, and upkeep reports.
  • Have a good relationship with contractors and service companies, so that any issues can be attended to expeditiously.

Understand The Luxury Property Market

Managing, servicing, and maintaining luxury homes, especially homes that are unoccupied a lot of the time, is both complex and unique. The property management company you hire needs to understand that and have experience and expertise in this area of home management.

Attention To Detail

When you leave your home in the trusted hands of a home management company, you want to be assured that they will see your home as you do and pay attention to even the smallest detail. You want to be assured that they do thorough inspections of the interior and exterior of the home, including:

  • The perimeter
  • The roofing
  • The gutters

Confidentiality & Security

You need to be 100% confident that the company you hire to manage your luxury home can be trusted with the safety and security of your assets, and that any dealings they have with you or your property remain confidential at all times.


The home management company must have clear channels of communication and be contactable at any time. They must also be timely in providing regular and accurate reports according to the agreement they have with their clients.

Why Nest Home Management Is The Luxury Property Management Service Of Choice In Boca Raton

If you are looking for a locally based, fully licensed, and insured luxury property management service, you have found what you are looking for with Nest Home Management.

We are a full-service home management company that has been in the luxury property management business since 2008 and we take pride in offering all our clients individualized and dedicated service. For more information on all our property management services contact us at (561) 705-4549, today!

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