Seasonal Home Watch Services: Big Or Small, We Watch Them All

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To know that your seasonal home is closely watched while you’re not around is crucial for your peace of mind. There are many things that can go wrong in a house that is left to stand empty for long periods of time, such as power outages and the problems that causes. To come home to an unwatched seasonal home—and all the potential problems that may have developed—is something that you can avoid when you hire home watch services.

The Sunny Side Of Seasonal Home Watch Services

Nest Home Management steps in to be your eyes, ears and hands for those times when you’re not around. It’s our mission to care for your property just as well as you do when you’re in town. Here are four great benefits of hiring Nest Home Management to take care of your seasonal home.

1. Peace Of Mind For You

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, or how long you’ll be there for – you can rest assured that your seasonal home is well looked after and will be ready for you when you return. We are available to you any time of the day, seven days a week.

2. We Put The Personal Back Into Personalized Service

Do you need your mail collected while you’re gone? We’re on it. Would you like to have your potted plants watered? Consider it done. Our service is thoroughly customizable according to your needs. We can connect and disconnect chargers, change AC filters and so much more. Your needs shape the service we offer.

3. You Are Always In The Know

Regular reporting is an important part of our service that is carefully designed to reduce your concerns and alleviate stress. After each inspection you will receive a detailed report of everything that we checked. If we pick up any issues, we will contact you immediately and get the problem fixed.

4. Homeowners Insurance

Did you know that if you leave your home unoccupied for 30 days or longer, your homeowners insurance provider might not accept claims submitted?

Our regular presence on your property can make all the difference as any problems will be nipped in the bud quickly.

Better Than Your Buddy

The most convenient solution to caring for your seasonal home would seem to be roping in a neighbor or friend to look after your place while you’re not around. Your buddy may know where you keep your spare key and the names of your garden gnomes, but the truth is, there are many important aspects of home watch services that your buddy can’t offer. Nest Home Management services cover all the bases and more, such as:

  • We are fully insured.
  • We’ve been in the business of watching homes for many years and have gained much experience in all facets of home watching.
  • We know all the right people. If something breaks, we can have a contractor on site within 20 minutes.
  • Maintenance: whether you need a single repair, or an ongoing maintenance plan, Nest Home Management can organize and oversee all aspects. We can also keep your swimming pool swim ready for you.
  • Trained to troubleshoot. Our employees are taught to think logically and first look for a simple solution to any household issues. By doing this, they save you a lot of money in wasted callout fees.
  • Thorough weekly checks. All checks are performed weekly, without cutting corners or short-circuiting the process to give your home the best care possible. Our inspections aren’t limited to the inside of your home, but we inspect the outside as well.

Locking Up & Leaving Just Got A Whole Lot Simpler

When you leave town, we step in to get your property ready to be unoccupied. This includes all the tiny details that would delay you leaving, such as shutting off the water supply, turning off the water heater to save electricity, bringing in any outside furniture and closing shutters if your home has them. When you are due back, we open up and get ready for you. This includes switching everything back on, opening shutters, and setting up any outdoor furniture.

For home watch services that will take care of it all, give us a call today at 561-705-4549! Nest Home Management takes care of your seasonal home, so that coming home is delightful, not disastrous.

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