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South Florida is a popular location for seasonal vacation homes. People from colder regions of the country like to spend their holidays here during the peak temperate season from November to May. Homeowners can be concerned with security and maintenance when their second home is unoccupied. This is where Nest Home Management has you covered. We’re a licensed and insured vacation home management company serving South Florida seasonal and permanent residents.

Full-Service Property Management

Nest is a premier property management company with a focus on security, maintenance, and service to our clients. We handle all the details from contracting with professional house-sitters to installing state of art security systems, maintenance, and repairs. We serve homeowners in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and Boynton Beach.

Basic Home Watch Services

We offer a variety of services from professional on-site house-sitters to home security and maintenance. We take the hassle out of asking a neighbor to check in from time to time while you’re away while also staying within the requirement of insurance carrier’s occupancy mandates. As a dedicated property management and inspection company, we’re available 24/7. A Nest Home Management contractor can be dispatched to your property within as little as 20 minutes. Our house-sitters provide a dedicated presence by watering plants, lawn areas, forwarding or collecting mail, connecting chargers to hybrid vehicles and golf carts, and change AC filters as needed during when you’re away.

Oversee Repairs & Upgrades

An added convenience is that we help you plan ahead for needed repairs and upgrades. We give our clients a dedicated property manager to oversee the process and stay within budget while maintaining the highest standards of quality work and materials used. The completed work and your property will be occupancy-ready at the start of your season in South Florida.

Concierge Solutions

Nest Home Management offers concierge and turn-key solutions to our clients while you’re away. Customized services can be tailored your needs whether it’s picking up mail and watering plants to having a dedicated house sitters and security personnel on-site

Home Security Tips

In all things, proper planning and preparation can save you time, stress, and money in the long term. This enables our clients to be worry-free while they’re away and focus on the joy of returning to their seasonal home. Below are some tips property owners can apply before closing their home during the off-season:

  • Set alarms prior to departure. Most alarm systems today include remote online access. Your Nest manager will work with you so that they share the same access and receive notifications. If you’re interested in learning more about alarm systems or upgrades, contact Nest Home Management!
  • Shut off the water supply and valves. This can save you money and conserve resources while the property is unoccupied. We also recommend scheduling an annual inspection to diagnose any leaks or potential problems. If you’re in need of a plumbing inspection or repair contact Nest Home Management!
  • Secure windows and doors. The best quality windows and doors for any Florida residence should be both impact resistant and security grade. These protect the property from potential storm damage during storm season as well as provide enhanced safety.
  • Install window films at windows and atrium enclosures. These not only protect your privacy, but also add style and charm without sacrificing natural light at indoor spaces. If you’re curious to learn more about window films, contact Nest Home Management!
  • Schedule regular grounds maintenance. In some cities and coastal towns, owners can be cited for overgrown lawns and foliage. Keeping the grounds well-maintained also shows that someone is present at the property, providing a safety deterrent.

Seasonal Home Emergency Response

The Nest Security Response Program provides our clients 24/7 support during the high and low season seasons. We start with a storm preparedness inspection and recommend any necessary upgrades and repairs. In the event of a storm occurrence, we keep you informed of any damages, help file insurance claims, and coordinate needed repairs. We partner with the best licensed and insured contractors and technicians in the region.

Vacation Home Management Company In Boca Raton

At Nest we’re in the peace of mind business, offering a comprehensive suite of services to property owners. We take the worry, planning, and hassle out of preparing your home for the season and when it’s unoccupied.

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