The Dangers of Power Outages In Seasonal Homes

Seasonal Homes

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Power outages are a part of life for Floridians, especially during hurricane season. Storms often destroy power lines, which can cause city and county-wide blackouts and wreak havoc on vacant seasonal homes.

If you live far away from your vacation or seasonal home, dealing with the repercussions of a power outage or electrical emergency can be a serious headache. At Nest Home Management, our job is to make sure that your home-away-from-home is perfectly maintained, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If lightning strikes and the power to your residence is cut, you can be sure Nest Home Management has you and your home covered.

When Power is Cut, Security is Compromised

If your vacant seasonal home loses power it becomes a target for intruders. Although security alarms have backup batteries that will power a security system, if your home loses power unexpectedly, these batteries often only last a few hours to a few days. And while modern alarm systems are more sophisticated now than ever before, malfunctions can—and do—still happen.

The most common alarm malfunction in vacant homes that experience a power outage is a tripped security system. When the power cuts, the alarm will sometimes start to ring. This ringing can last for hours if left unattended, which in turn can negatively impact your relationship with your neighbors.

When power comes back on, there is also no guaranteeing that your security system will re-arm itself. To ensure the safety of your home during a power outage, your best bet is hiring a home management company such as Nest Home Management to check in on your property as soon as an outage is reported, and when power comes back on. If your security system malfunctions when the power goes out, our qualified inspectors will organize a security specialist to fix the problem. And if your alarm system does not come back online when the power does, we will make sure your home is properly secured without you needing to worry.

No Power Means No Refrigeration

Because refrigeration has become an everyday part of our lives, we often forget that without power food goes bad. Although most people opt not to leave food in their fridge when they leave for extended periods of time (even refrigerators can’t stop fresh fruit from eventually rotting) most of our clients won’t think twice about leaving ice cream in the freezer. Unfortunately, even ice cream goes bad, especially in the Florida heat.

Nobody wants to arrive at their holiday home only to find unidentifiable, rancid food leaking out of their fridge, especially if you’re tired from traveling. At Home Nest Management, we make sure to check your refrigerators for anything that could go off while you are away during our weekly inspections, and will remove all food from both the fridge and freezer when power is lost. We will also make sure your refrigerator is cleaned if needed, so you don’t have to.

What Happens To Electrical Appliances?

Power outages affect appliances in many different ways. If power simply dies, your appliances likely will not be affected. On the other hand, if there is a power surge right before the power goes out, appliances that are plugged into sockets can blow and be permanently destroyed. One of the best ways to prevent this is by installing surge protection systems.

With Nest Home Management, we make sure to check your appliances are still functional after the power to your seasonal home is cut.


Most homes have a switchboard that controls the distribution of power in your home. When power is cut, it is possible for some, if not all, of these switches to flip. If this scenario does occur, a service provider from Nest Home Management will have to actively flip the switches on your switchboard to reinstate power.

Although you can’t do anything to prevent power outages caused by natural disasters or situations beyond your control, you can prevent unnecessary stress and costs by allowing Nest Home Management to look after your seasonal home. Call us today to request a consultation so that your home is turn-key ready with comprehensive home care solutions and services.

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