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Your vacation home is your place to escape – it’s where you go to put your feet up, let your hair down, and relax from the stress of real life. Arriving at your vacation home to a disaster would double your stress. Nest Home Management offers vacation home services that can take care of every aspect of your home in your absence.

Vacation Home Services Tailored To Your Needs

Nest Home Management offers a fully customizable vacation home watch service that allows you to specify what you’d like done and how you’d like us to do it. Here are 3 of our popular services that are included in our seasonal home care maintenance plan for your vacation home.

Vacation Home Lawn Care

Lawns thrive best when cared for regularly and consistently. Some vacation home owners will overcompensate by over-caring for their lawn while they are at their vacation home, and neglecting it when they are away.

An important part of our vacation home maintenance services is to tend to your lawn in your absence. We will make sure that it gets the regular care it needs, including:

  • The correct amount of regular watering to avoid dehydration in the Florida heat and over-watering, which leads to lawn mushrooms.

  • Mowing to the correct height to avoid damage to your lawn by insect and weed infestation. We’ll make sure that only sharp blades are used to avoid the browning that occurs after mowing with blunt blades.

  • Weed control, as crabgrass grows easily in Florida weather. Over-watered lawns are vulnerable to dove weed infestations.

  • Fertilization, according to the time of year and weather patterns.

  • Monitoring soil composition, as over-compacted soil can kill lawn. Thinning lawns, or lawn overrun by weeds, are a sign of compacted soil.

We’ll take care of it all for you. Lawn care is included in our seasonal home care maintenance services.

Vacation Home Power Cut Problems

Power cuts are nothing unusual in Florida. Between storms and hurricanes, Florida homes experience their fair share of power outages. Power cuts are dangerous for seasonal homes and owners, as they’re not onsite to deal with the repercussions of electrical issues, which include:

  • Compromised security. Alarms have back-up batteries, but they only last for a few hours. After that, your home is vulnerable.

  • No refrigeration, meaning that any food you have in the freeze will spoil, plus potential water damage to your home from a defrosted freezer.

  • Electrical appliances can blow if the power surges.

  • Power cuts can cause the switches to flip on switchboards.

Should your power be cut, we will check on all these areas that could go wrong or cause problems in your home, and make sure it is all put back in order during one of our frequent check-ups.

Vacation Home Pest Invasion

Florida’s warm, tropical climate is ideal for all sorts of pests, some of which can cause allergies or health issues. Others can cause serious structural damage to your home. While you’re away, the pests move in to play. These are the 8 most common home squatters:

  • Mosquitoes can cause Yellow fever, Zika Virus, and Malaria.

  • Palmetto Bugs shed their skin and droppings, which can cause allergies to flare up.

  • Ants have been known to nest in walls. Some species will bite and sting if disturbed.

  • Termites can destroy a home in weeks. They feed on wood, and will eat away until the structure of your home is compromised.

  • Roachescan carry diseases like Typhoid and Dysentery. Their feces can trigger asthma and allergies.

  • Opossumslove invading attics and can spread diseases such as Toxoplasmosis, Spotted Fever, and Tuberculosis.

  • Ratscause many diseases and will chew through anything—wires, furniture, and even roof tile sealant.

  • Gators will get in looking for a meal. Swimming pools are fair game for them.

We will check for any signs of pest squatters during our regular checks. If there are signs of pests, we will let you know and arrange to have them dealt with.

Vacation Home Services That Care As Much As You Do

Our goal is to be your ears, eyes, and hands when you’re not in town and look after your vacation home as if it were ours. We have the staff, experience, and industry contacts to make sure you arrive home to a place that is running smoothly. Call us today at (561) 705-4549 to discuss your home watch needs.

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