What Is Your Hurricane Plan For Your Seasonal Home?

Your Seasonal Home

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Every year, Floridians battle hurricane season. It especially affects South Florida residents as well as those who are not around during the season.

Long after the hurricane has left, families look back and often feel plagued by what they could have done to prepare their families and homes. Seasonal homeowners are at great risk too, because they are not around to prepare and protect their properties. When a hurricane warning is issued flights stop and seasonal homeowners are left to worry about their properties from miles away. One of the best ways to protect your seasonal home is to make proactive security decisions like getting a seasonal home management company to be your boots-on-the-ground when you can’t be.

Here we take a look at how a seasonal home management company can help you protect your seasonal home this hurricane season.

Secure Windows And Doors

Securing the windows and doors of your home is important. Broken doors and windows can let rain and wind enter your home causing irreparable damages that cost a fortune to repair.

Leaving your windows and doors unsecured can also cause structural damage to your property. The wind and rain that enter through the opening can increase the pressure under the roof and increase the risk and degree of damage to the roof. When securing windows and doors, it is best to board your windows shut or use storm shutters.

Roof Maintenance

A roof is an essential part of your home’s structure and often the part that takes the greatest hit during a hurricane. Once a hurricane warning is issued, it’s important to make sure that your roof is secure. An inspection of the roof should be conducted, focusing on roof shingles as well as the underlying roofing material. Loose shingles can be dangerous during the storm and cause damage to other properties, while underlayment issues can result in greater water damage during the heavy rain and wind. One way to protect your roof is by using hurricane straps that are bolted to the rest of your house.

Taking Inventory

To make an insurance claim, you will need a comprehensive list of what was damaged during the hurricane.

After a hurricane, it can be difficult to think about everything you had and lost, seasonal homeowners can find this particularly difficult because they are not on their properties regularly enough to remember all its contents accurately. Before a hurricane, your home management company can take inventory of everything on your property and the condition that it is. After the hurricane, they will go back and check that everything is in place. Where damage has occurred, the accurate inventory list will make the insurance claim process much easier.

Your seasonal home is more than a financial investment, it’s an investment in your well-being and a place to create memories with your family. When you are far away, it’s essential to provide sufficient protection for your property. At Nest Home Management, protecting your seasonal home is our priority. We work tirelessly to be proactive in protecting your home when are not around to do so. Contact us today for all your seasonal nesting needs.

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